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Rima Ghandour excels at structuring and implementing innovative legal strategies that optimize results for her clients while conserving their resources. Ms. Ghandour is licensed in four states, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California, and is able to manage client concerns throughout the Northwest.

Erika George has been a top lawyer in Oregon for many years. Her significant experience in complex litigation allows the firm to leverage her talents across multiple disciplines, including construction matters, product liability and professional liability defense. 

Toni Kelich has called Oregon her home for many years.  She has been advising and litigating on behalf of her clients in the Federal Courts.  Ms. Kelich graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2004 and her Juris Doctor from Rutgers Newark School of Law in 2010. 

Carolyn was born and raised in beautiful Portland, Oregon. She has been a litigation Legal Assistant /Paralegal for over 10 years with experience in family law, personal injury, judicial foreclosures and civil litigation matters.


Bekhy is a long-time resident of Portland. She was born in Korea, grew up in Hawaii, and attended college in Utah. Sadly, she knows no Korean, never learned how to surf, nor does she know how to ski.